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Leader Edgar Munsen
Second in Command Omar Romero
Hierarchy Position n/a
Number of Members Nine
Main Hangout Blue Skies Industrial Park
Other Hangouts Graveyard
Southern New Coventry
Fighting Style Streetfighting
Favored Weapons Firecrackers
Rival(s) Bullworth Academy

Clique Summary

The Townies are a group of teenagers that either have been kicked out, dropped out of Bullworth Academy, or couldn't afford to go in the first place. As such, they hold a fierce grudge against students attending it.

Although they do not seem to have a fixed "uniform" like the other cliques in the game, the color orange seems to be their distinguishing feature.

They usually hang out in the Blue Skies Industrial Park, and in a warehouse across the street of the Blue Skies Shipping Warehouse.

The Townies do not factor into the clique hierarchy, as they are equally against all Bullworth students. In terms of fighting ability, they are roughly equivalent to the Jocks.


Edgar Munsen

Edgar's family couldn't afford to send him to Bullworth, and he resents the way the students are allowed to run wild all over town. He aids Jimmy in calming down the fighting students during the mission Complete Mayhem.

Omar Romero

Omar is the second-in-command of the townies. He's very sadistic, and really hates the Bullworth mascot.

Clint (aka Henry)

Clint is crazy, or as he describes it, "three quarters short of a dollar bill".


Duncan is into extreme sport and girls, and is also bisexual. He is also revealed to enjoy the game Grottos & Gremlins. Duncan once attended Bullworth Academy, but dropped out because he was bullied.


Gurney is tall and has a beard. He is an aspiring musician and a successful ladies man. He was once a Bullworth student, but was expelled.


Jerry is an inexplicably arrogant townie. He has an ego problem, and is proud to have dropped out of Bullworth. Additionally, he has abandonment issues.


Leon is a slacker who enjoys being a juvenile because he isn't ever held legally responsible for his wrong-doings. It is unknown if he once attended Bullworth, but appears to know the staff.

Otto Tyler

Otto was kicked out of Bullworth for running a casino on school grounds. He's a lot older than his size would indicate. He is a patient at the Happy Volts Asylum.

Zoe Taylor

Zoe was expelled from Bullworth Academy after she complained about Mr. Burton hitting on her. She's intelligent but troubled, likes fighting and causing trouble, and is something of a female counterpart to Jimmy.