"No need for complex reasons where a simple beating will do!"
— Seth Kolbe

Seth Kolbe is a member of the Prefects at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Seth Kolbe
Seth Kolbe
Clique Prefects
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions That Bitch
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Unknown

Character Summary

The biggest of the prefects, Seth has blue eyes and wears his light brown/dark blonde hair in a buzzcut. He wears the same uniform the other prefects do, though his does not have any elbow pads. In the winter he keeps his wool coat open.

Seth walking around campus.

Seth very obviously has severe anger management issues and enjoys beating people. Because of this, he loves his job as a prefect as it enables him to both enforce rules and beat students when they commit an infraction. He can often be heard considering abusing his authority to 'pick on someone innocent'. Many fans believe him to have once been a member of the bullies clique prior to becoming a prefect. Of the four prefects, Seth is easily the most corrupt.

He claims to have once been in anger management counseling, which he believes is overrated, but seems to have left it as he prefers letting out his anger in the form of beating people. He refers to the students at the academy as 'maggots' and 'evildoers' and is in charge of supervising students when they are given detention tasks such as mowing grass or shoveling snow, where he frequently taunts the student in detention.

In That Bitch, Seth is the prefect to investigate the girl's bathroom in the gym after Pinky complains about having seen Jimmy inside it. He also appears in Complete Mayhem, where he tackles Jimmy and takes his slingshot alongside fellow prefect Max MacTavish. The two of them are then chased off by a furious Russell Northrop, who presumably took the slingshot back from them.


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