"And those are the preps. They're all money and condescending attitudes."
Gary Smith

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Leader Derby Harrington
Second in Command Bif Taylor
Hierarchy Position Third
Number of Members Nine
Main Hangout Harrington House
Other Hangouts Old Bullworth Vale
Fighting Style Boxing
Favored Weapons Eggs
Allies Nerds
Rival(s) Greasers, Jocks

Clique Summary

The Preppies are one of the five school cliques.

They are led by Derby Harrington, and their second in command is Bif Taylor. They're the richest clique on campus, and are third on the pecking order on campus, behind the Greasers and Jocks, and ahead of the Nerds and Bullies. They can be spotted by their Aquaberry clothing. They are allied with the nerds, however they and the Preppies are not entirely friendly towards each other. They have a rivalry with the Greasers and they consider that most, if not all, students are below them.

Many of the Preppies enjoy boxing, and consider it a noble sport.

A common theme in many of the Preppies' families seems to be inbreeding. For example, Derby and Pinky are cousins, who are betrothed. Also, prep member Tad Spencer has webbed toes on one foot as a result of inbreeding.

The Preppies are third on the school hierarchy, above the Nerds and Bullies, but below the Greasers and Jocks.


Derby Harrington

Derby is the leader of the Preppies, and quite possibly the richest student in the entire school.

Bif Taylor

Bif is the Preps second in command. He is Bullworth boxing champion and the second toughest student on campus after Russell.

Tad with Parker and Chad in the Boxing Gym trophy room.

Pinky Gauthier

Pinky is Derby's first cousin. They were betrothed, but she dumped him after he was 3 minutes late for a date. She's very spoiled, and can switch from sweet to domineering and back again very quickly and without warning.

Bryce Montrose

Bryce claims to be a fighting machine. His family is hitting hard times, and his father is wasting the family fortune.

Chad Morris

Chad has somewhat of a stoic personality but is also insecure about his physical appearance. He owns a dog named Chester who can be found in the grass clearing beside Harrington House.

Gord Vendome

Gord is very interested in fashion and clothing, and had a short lived relationship with Lola Lombardi. He is bisexual.

(Left to right) Gord, Bryce, and Chad

Justin Vandervelde

Justin is a member of the preps. He is into athletics, and wishes the Preppies would ally with the Jocks.

Parker Ogilvie

Parker is portrayed as being girl crazy. He appears to be decent by nature, but is usually as arrogant as the other Preps due to peer pressure.

Tad Spencer

Tad's father is a self-made man and abusive towards his family, and this influences almost everything Tad does.

Bully Preps

The Preps in the cafeteria.