"I'll be a virgin until I die!"
— Pete

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Peter "Pete/Petey" Kowalski is the main deuteragonist in Bully.

Pete Kowalski
Status Head Boy
Gender Male
Family Unseen parents
Kissable No
Missions Halloween
Boxing Challenge
Jealous Johnny
Fighting Johnny Vincent
Stronghold Assault
Jock Boss Fight
Voice Actor Matt Bush

Character Summary

Pete Halloween

Pete in his Halloween costume.

Pete is the smallest of all the older students and has brown hair that is in a buzz cut and brown eyes. Usually, he wears a navy blue Bullworth sweater vest over a pink collared shirt, with brown slacks. In the winter, he wears black slacks and a pair of brown mittens. On Halloween, he is made to dress as a pink bunny by Gary. He also has a slight limp.

He is often thought to be homosexual because of his uniform, and because of comments he has occasionally made throughout the game, such as suggesting Jimmy become a male stripper upon graduating. Gordon spread a rumor that Pete has a crush on Jimmy, and Gary mockingly refers to him as "Femme Boy: The Girliest Boy in School". He does, however, show interest when Jimmy suggests they find him a girlfriend. He and Jimmy are best friends.

Pete enjoys playing video games and watching TV. He also has the highest score on Future Street Racer (the high score feature was removed from the final version of the game). Pete also enjoys art. He is a local of Bullworth Town, and was sent to Bullworth because his parents wanted some "peace and quiet around the house". Pete mentions his father is a librarian. He also suffers from asthma, and has a keen analytical mind, often offering Jimmy valuable advice.


Pete in the common room in the Boys' Dorm.

Pete and jimmy

Pete introducing himself to Jimmy.

He is very shy and somewhat awkward, and weak. Unhappy about this, Petey wishes to take karate classes. The Nerds refused to let him join their clique because they think he is "weird". In his own words, he is "too cool to be a dork, and too dorky to be anything else".

He plays the timpani during the Christmas pageant. At the end of the game, he is made head boy by Dr. Crabblesnitch upon Jimmy's recommendation.


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