"If I were ever poor I....I just couldn't imagine myself without my money!"

Lindsey Knisley

Lindsey Leighson.

Lindsey Leighson is a character in Malcolm's Life at Bullworth Academy and is Malcolm Evans girlfriend at Bullworth Academy. She is a member of the Preps clique at Bullworth.


Lindsey is about 5ft 7in tall. She loves to wear very expensive clothes. She once bought a 20,000 dollar dress from the Aquaberry Outlet simply becuase she thought the 18,000 dollar one was of bad quality. She wears almost the exact same outfit as Pinky; the Girl's Aquaberry Vest, and Girl's Aquaberry Skirt with a few differences on her outfit. Lindsey's skirt is about an inch shorter in length than Pinky's skirt. And Lindsey prefers to wear a pink tie to go with her Girl's Aquaberry Vest. She also changes her shoes ocasionally either wearing black or brown ones instead of brown ones like Pinky always wears. In the winter she wears blue jeans and brown wool snow boots. And a light blue jacket and cap unlike Pinky's pink jacket and cap. She is also one of the two non-nerds who wears glasses; the other being her boyfriend Malcolm. Lindsey had dark brown hair similar to Pinky's, but it is noticably longer in length than Pinky's hair. She has brown eyes. On Halloween she dressed up like Uma Therman from Kill Bill.

Background and Charachteristics

Lindsey was born on August 14th, 1990 in Montreal, Canada and had just turned 16 when Malcolm came to Bullworth. Her father Jacques Leighson owns a chain of banks all throughout New England and Quebec. His bank relocated it's headquarters from the largest bank in Montreal, Canada to a smaller one in Bullworth, New Hampsire in 2005 and moved there along with it. Lindsey is usually a very shy and quiet person. Lindsey seems to be the most pleasant personalitied of the Preps and rarely ever gets snobby or mean towards anyone except Greasers or Townies. But when she is angry or jealous she can become very loud and mean. Lindsey is very smart and gets very good grades. She wants to get into Princeton when she graduates Bullworth. Lindsey has a strong grudge agianst Lola and refers to her as a whore. She states that she hates fighting but she has gotten into a few fights beofre. She is from Montreal and has a slight Canadian accent. Her best friend is Pinky although Lindsey gets annoyed by her attitude sometimes. Lindsey is also friends with Beatrice Tredau, unknowing of Beatrice's crush on Malcolm. Her favorite radio station is K-DST and she loves to watch I'm Rich like all the Preps do.