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"Ryan is a rich spoiled punk that takes joy in others pain. You should really beat him up Michael." -Levi Penter.

Levi Penter is a strange character in the Michael Diaz saga. He is 15 years-old just like Michael they are in the same grade


Levi Penter, not much is known about him. Where he's from, or where he's going. Not very much people know why he was sent to Bullworth. At first Michael is afraid of him but then the two get close and turn into great friends in later chapters. He has been at Bullworth since last year.


Levi is a strange guy. He has a very dry sense of humor and can be known to laugh at things that aren't funny. Or laugh at someone when they get hurt. He isn't very open but as the story evolves and he gets to know Michael better he starts opening up to him. He has a strong hatred for Ryan Irvin that has been like that since his first days at Bullworth when Ryan shot him with a slingshot. He wants revenge but doesn't see himself tough enough to one-on-one fight him. He tries to convince Michael to do it, but Michael denies each time.


Levi is small. He stands at 5' 6" and is around 140lbs. He has pale white skin and dark black hair. During the weekends he would wear all black but during school he tries to wear black but has succeeded in getting caught out of outfit. He has burned three Bullworth uniforms.


Michael Diaz: At first Michael was afraid of him but the two grow closer and later become really good friends.

Ryan Irvin: Levi hates Ryan. Even for a prank he's been dreaming of getting back at him but doesn't have the physical capabilities to really do anything to him which he is aware of. He has tried to pay Michael to beat him up but he never accepts.

Alex White: Alex is afraid of Levi and tries to not make eye contact. Levi sees Alex as his little buddy and the two grow a friendship after Michael befriends both of them.

Ted Thompson: Levi dislikes Ted mostly because Ryan is bestfriends with him and this is actually one reason why he is reluctant to fight Ryan, because Ryan has Ted and all the jocks on his side.