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Kian Armadan in his usual clothes

Kian Armadan is a fanfic character created by Kotsu the EM Wave Hero. He is the best friend of Beckett Howell and also his brother. Kian, like Beckett has ADHD. Kian and Beckett met after the latter got into a knife fight and Kian jumped in to help Beckett, who was outnumbered three against one. Beckett and Kian actually did win this battle but they got expelled because they did more damage than the original carrier of the knife, plus they already had a bad record. Kian often wears his hat and is rarely seen without it. Kian tends to behave very rebelliously towards most adults, the exception being his adoptive father Emery Howell.

Earlier life

Up until 8th grade he lived with his parents, whom were unable to provide him with necessary care. After the knife fight he became involved in, his parents left him as a ward of the state and he was going to serve a few years in Juvie because of it but Mr. Howell quickly stepped in and adopted the boy. He has spent time in homeschooling with his new dad and brother and he is very close to both. It is also his first year at Bullworth.
Kian uniform

Kian in uniform, and his hair revealed