"Ain't nobody making a fool of Johnny Vincent."
— Johnny Vincent
Johnny Quote

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Johnny Vincent is the leader of the Greasers clique in Bully.

Johnny Vincent
Clique Greasers
Status Clique Leader
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Jealous Johnny
Wrong Part of Town
Lola's Race
The Rumble
Fighting Johnny Vincent
Finding Johnny Vincent
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Rocco Rosanio

Character Summary

Johnny near underpath

Johnny near the underpath to New Coventry.

Johnny is the leader of the greasers and has thick brown hair that is combed to the left and brown eyes. He wears the standard greaser uniform: a black leather jacket over his Bullworth vest, school slacks, and black boots. Johnny also has a stud earring in his left ear. He is considered to be good looking by many of the girls at the school, including but not limited to Mandy.

He has a temper and is considered to be very talented with BMX biking and bike tricks. He is also hopelessly devoted to his girlfriend, Lola Lombardi, despite her infidelity, going as far as getting locked up in the Happy Volts Asylum because of his reaction when a couple Townie kids told him they had scored with her. According to Lola, they broke up sometime between the happenings of Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.

He has a direct rivalry with Bif Taylor, and talk of a Johnny vs. Bif fight is very common around the school. He is called to the office by Ms. Danvers often for fighting and for inappropriate behavior with Lola.

Johnny seems to be concerned with his physical appearance, as when hit he often exclaims "my face!", and when fighting insults his opponent by telling them they are "lucky they're ugly to begin with".

His parents live in Bullworth Town, and he attends Bullworth because--as he puts it--it was nearby. According to Chad, Johnny's parents are in jail.

Unused game dialogue reveals that originally, in Complete Mayhem, Johnny was supposed to be caught cheating on Lola with Mandy by Jimmy. He begs Jimmy to not tell Lola, in turn agreeing to stop fighting. This was later scrapped from the game. The audio can be heard here.


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