This character has been abandoned.

The page is being retained for historical purposes.

Jett in his regular clothes

Jett Malone is yet another fanfic character created by Kotsu the EM Wave Hero. He is the best friend of both Beckett Howell as well as Kian Armadan. Jett is very observant and alert and this is a strength of his, as it allows him in both reality and in video games to notice something awry, even the slightest detail which often saves him from an unknown ambush, as he usually figures out where the surprise attacker is. Jett has the mind of an adult but is still a bit of a joker. Not much else is known about Jett except that he is raised by his single mother.


Jett has brown hair (looks blonde) and green eyes. Jett is physically imposing in comparison to the other members of his group aside from Zane of course, being tall and well-built.