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  • Jay's old school uniform
  • Winter outfit
  • Jay's Townie outfit
  • Fake Greaser outfit
"Fear isn't anything to be ashamed of! Who wouldn't be trembling if you knew what Caskez High does to the Bullworth kids?"
-- Why Jay left Caskez

Jay Southfield is a former Caskez High student, who later becomes a Townie out of fear. He is a fanfictional character created by Coloured Flames.

Character Description:Jay is 5 ft9, and has tanned skin. He has brown eyes and dusky brown hair. His normal Caskez outfit is a green Tshirt with a black jacket, along with black jeans and dark shoes with slight heels. After he drops out, he dresses similarly to Jerry, with an orange long-sleeved top covered by a black T shirt. In all of his different outfits he keeps the jeans and shoes, besides his 'Fake Greaser' get-up. In the Fake Greaser outfit he wears Johnny's leather jacket, black converse, blue jeans and a white Tshirt.

Back Story:Not much is known about his past life. Jay is apparently related to Jerry, but this might not be true because of the differences in skin tones. He is a former member of Nero's clique, but dropped out of Caskez High for fear.

Characteristics:Jay is slightly jumpy at times, and can be very paranoid and negative. Most of this is due to fear of getting found by Nero or his clique. But most of the time he is protective, funny and smart. He is the friendliest Townie when greeted, and has a different fighting style from the rest of them. He has the most stamina in the clique. Jay has an obvious crush on Ashley Delta of the Greasers clique.

Jimmy Hopkins-- Jay is on Jimmy's side during the fight against Caskez High, and often lends important information.
Pete Kowalski-- Petey saved Jay's butt from a bunch of Bullworth kids by telling them that Jay didn't go to Caskez High anymore and was no longer a threat.
Earnest Jones-- They're not the best of friends, but Earnest let Jay into Bullworth by showing him the entrance tunnels.
Johnny Vincent-- Johnny saved Jay from an escaped Crazy from Happy Volts.
Ashley Delta: Jay has a massive and obvious crush on her, and she does to him as well.

Nero Zanders-- Nero doesn't think that Jay is worthy enough to be given a second chance (even though Jay doesn't want one) and they are constantly at each other's throats.
Matilda Greenfoot-- She had a crush on Jay, but because he obviously likes Ashley he is now on her hate list, although he doesn't know it.
Derby Harrington-- Too many bad experiences with Townies and Caskez students means that Derby doesn't trust Jay at all.
Bif Taylor-- Same reason as Derby.
Ted Thompson-- Jay hates Ted, even though the Jock leader barely notices him.