"Now over there are the Greasers. They think they're tough."
Gary Smith

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Leader Johnny Vincent
Second in Command Peanut Romano
Norton Williams - Fan speculation
Hierarchy Position Second
Number of Members Nine
Main Hangout Auto Shop
Other Hangouts New Coventry
Oil Spill Gas Station
The Tenements
Fighting Style Martial Arts
Favored Weapons Slingshot
Allies Jocks
Rival(s) Preppies

Clique Summary

The Greasers are one of the five school cliques. They are led by Johnny Vincent, with his second in command being Peanut Romano. Many fans believe Norton Williams to occupy a position of authority in the clique. Both might be Johnny's right-hand men. The greasers have an intense rivalry with the Preppies similar to that of the Greasers and Socs in The Outsiders.
Greasy grease

5 out of 9 Greasers. [Left to right: Norton, Johnny, Vance, Lucky, and Lefty]

The Greasers are distinguished by their leather jackets, or in Lefty and Lucky's cases, jean jackets. They also wear boots, instead of dress shoes. They're mainly found in the auto shop on campus, or in New Coventry.

They are second in the school hierarchy, behind only the Jocks. A mistake in the Bully: Scholarship Edition game manual lists them as the top of the school hierarchy.


Johnny Vincent

Johnny Vincent is the leader of the Greasers. He is devoted to his cheating girlfriend, Lola Lombardi, and is known around the school for his impressive BMX tricks.

Peanut Romano

Peanut is considered by most to be the second in command of the clique. He seems to have a close relationship with Johnny, often calling for him when bullied. He most likely has Napoleon complex.

Norton Williams

Norton is also considered to have a high position in the clique by fans. He may have self-esteem issues, and considers Lola a tramp. He may be related to policeman Officer Williams.

Hal Esposito


Lucky, Hal, and Vance in the greaser hangout, Blue Balls Pool Hall.

Hal is a member of the greasers clique. He is overweight and seems to be self-conscious of this at times, though at other times he seems proud of this. He is attracted to women of his size, such as Edna and Eunice.

Lefty Mancini

Lefty is a member of the greasers clique and is tied with Vance for being the smallest member. He has a very strong addiction to nicotine. He claims to put on a "tough guy" act.

Lola Lombardi

Lola is the only female member of the greasers clique. She is infamous in the academy for her promiscuity, often described as a "slut" or "tramp". She is the girlfriend of Johnny Vincent.

Lucky De Luca

Lucky is a member of the greasers clique, and like Lefty wears a jean jacket rather than leather. He thinks highly of himself and appears to be relatively mature.

Ricky Pucino

Ricky is a member of the greasers clique. He seems to be constantly upset over his ex-girlfriend, who dumped him for spending too much time working on his bike. He varies from claiming to be over it, and still being torn up about it.

Vance Medici

Vance is tied with Lefty for being the shortest member of the greasers clique. He is a kissable boy, and is very obsessed with his hair, frequently talking about it.

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