All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Hey peasant. Wanna make some money?
  • Some undesirables are wanted into Bullworth Vale. Our neighbourhood.
  • Indeed. Be a good boy and get all of them. I'll make it worth your while.
  • Hey, Jimmy. I've another job for you.
  • I don't think they get the message. I'd like you to bring it to 'em.
  • Yeah, they're usually hang out by the chinese restaurant in New Coventry.
  • Good to see you, Jimmy boy. Seems like those Greaseballs have taken the lord ring in an abandoned pool hall.
  • Perhaps. Either way it belongs to my daddy and I won’t have those few loaders uh… freeload!
  • Very good, Jimmy. That's exactly a matter of principle. I'll pay you well.
  • Those Townies gets to start hanging around too close to school. We'd take care of them but we've got practice.
  • Sure thing. I'll get some cash from the beverage fund.
  • You been pretty good with that bums. I want you'll give them a second lesson.
  • Oh well, don't worry. This we'll take 'em too. Remind them to stay in their place.
  • Hey, Jimmy. I heard those scumbags Townies got a warehouse they hang out in.
  • So? I bet they're all pay rent. Why don't you wipe those squatters?
  • Yeah, I bet rich fund is subsidised by the alumni association.
  • You'll have to get through before you can get to Ted!
  • You think I'm tough? Ted's even tougher!
  • You'll never get by me.
  • Hey you, Jimmy! What do you do in my stuff?
  • Hey! What do you think you're doing?
  • Alright, coach. But this is where it was toward stuff at me.
  • Better watch out, Algie.
  • Yo, Ricky. Back off!
  • I'm gonna kick your ass!
  • Get back here!
  • A paddle? Who put that here?

Friendly Fire

  • What's that for?!
  • What's wrong with you?!

While Fighting

  • I'm gonna hit you till you love me!
  • Damon's the truth!
  • I'm gonna bust yo' gut up and watch you bleed!
  • An all-state beatdown too, son!
  • Sweet like candy, you DON'T want any of this!

Hit in the groin

  • Ugh! It hurts so... good?

Knocked Out

  • When I get back up you're so dead...
  • You have bested me. Enjoy it while it last...
  • There goes my scholarship.
  • OK! That really does hurt.

Starting a Fight

  • I'm gonna lay your butt out like a newborn baby!
  • I'm gonna bust your gut up and then watch you bleed!
  • I'm gonna rip out your heart out and feed it to you!
  • It's chin-check time, punk!

Aiding in Fight

  • You had your fun, now who wants get knocked out by an All-American?
  • I got your back!

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Sure! Let's do this!
  • I've got nothing better to do!

ALLY About To Leave

  • This is getting old! I'm taking off!
  • I think you can handle it for me!

ALLY Help Me

  • Hey-yo, Jimmy! Help me out!
  • I can use a hand here!

Getting knocked off bike

  • I love pain!
  • So this want a QB feels like.

Comments on successful bike trick

  • That's cool if you're in wussy sports.
  • I've seen better.

Comments on failed attempt at trick

  • Pain is good.
  • A little blood never hurt anyone.

Stealing a bike

  • Gimme your bike, punk! I'm cross training today!
  • This my bike now, sucker.

Has bike stolen from

  • That's your ass!
  • Nobody steals my bike!

Winning a fight

  • Who wants to mess with Damon!?
  • I run things, not Ted.

When into him bump when friendly

  • Mah bad.
  • Didn't see ya there, little man.
  • Sorry, I was daydreaming about hittin' someone so hard their head fell off.

When into him bump when hostile

  • Don't start none, n' there won't be none.
  • You feelin' froggy?!
  • You can't touch me, you're not man enough!
  • Out of mah way.
  • Get off the way!
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) You used to be somebody, now you're just pathetic.

When into him bump some clique

  • (Greaser) Keep it up and I won't let you work on mah ride when I go pro.
  • (Nerd) What're you doing out? That homework doesn't do itself.
  • (Prep) Wow, you preppy kids really think you're tough...

Getting hit by a bike/car

  • It's on now.
  • Hit me with whatever you want, I'll still hit you harder!
  • A cement truck couldn't hurt me, and come with that piece of crap?

Saying Goodbye

  • I gotta go lift. See ya later.
  • I have game tapes to watch.
  • I have homework to pick up.

Saying about rides

  • People should be pay for tickets to see me.
  • I'm not impressed.

Calling friends for help

  • Hey-yo, fellows!
  • Do you guys believe this got?!


  • I'm a physical specimen! You can't outrun me!
  • I'm gaining on you, and it's only a matter of time now!

When someone hides from him

  • I don't have time to chase you around!
  • Come over here, so I can hit you!

Out of breath

  • He's in better shape then I thought!

Wandering around

  • I wonder if I could ever hit someone so hard their head would come off.
  • Maybe she'll come up to my room if I offer to show her my John Elway autograph.
  • One day I want to fight a gorilla!
  • Maybe if I concentrate real hard I can make her top come off.
  • I wonder who would win in a fight, a bear or a gorilla?
  • When I go pro, I'm gonna get a fat-ass crib with a fat-ass chick and go on my fat-ass trip!
  • Kumite!, Kumite!!, KUMITE!!!


  • I've harder.
  • I can't take this anymore.

When confused

  • This is too much for me.


  • Alright, man.
  • Go on.


  • You know what?
  • You'll never believe this!
  • All she needs now is a tackle and a slapback. At least I was first.
  • Ted scores more off the field than we do on the field.
  • Is it just me or do the kids coming up looking a little weak to you?