"When I go pro, I'm gonna get a fat-ass crib, with a fat-ass chick, to go with my fat-ass check!"
— Damon West

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Damon West is the second in command of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Damon West
Damon West
Clique Jocks
Status Second in Command
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Jock Boss Fight
Voice Actor Ben Curtis

Character Summary

Damon Halloween

Damon in his Halloween costume.

Damon is a tall and strong black jock, and is the strongest of the jocks. He has short black hair, and dark brown eyes. Damon wears a letterman jacket with the sleeves up, along with dark brown slacks and blue gym shoes. On his wrists, he wears white sweatbands. In the winter, he zips up his jacket and adds an urban wool beanie. On Halloween, he dresses as an astronaut.

Damon is an All-American athlete both in football--where he plays linebacker--and in wrestling. He loves fighting, and aspires to one day fight a gorilla. He is stronger than Ted, and because of this he believes that he would be a better leader than Ted, despite being his right hand man. He also believes the Jocks would be more respected with him as leader. While around Ted, however, Damon acts like a lackey and repeats everything Ted says. In-game rumors suggest Damon has also gone after Mandy behind Ted's back. He holds a personal grudge against the preppies, which is ironic, as he was originally intended to be a prep in an earlier version of the game.

Damon with Ted.

He is surprisingly aggressive, to the point that even the Townsfolk comment on how aggressive he is. Dr. Bambillo states that Damon is mentally ill.

Damon's team number is 8.


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