Bully Fanfiction is a term used to describe non-canonical stories and short stories written by fans of Bully.

What is Bully fanfiction?

Bully fanfiction is, of course, fanfiction focused on Bully. On Bully Fanon Wiki, it is present in many ways, including:

  • Blog posts of chapters and stories
  • Pages and graphics of original characters
  • Roleplaying forums

Common Examples

As with most fandoms, Bully fanfictions (in this case stories) follow more or less typical storylines or genres. They can include:

  • Alternate universe stories featuring canon characters
    • Example: A story based on what might happen had Jimmy Hopkins and Gary Smith remained friends throughout the entire school year.
  • Pre-canon stories
  • Mid-canon stories told from an alternate perspective
  • Post-canon stories
    • Example: A story based on Jimmy's reunion with his mother and stepfather following the conclusion of their year long honeymoon, or the students of Bullworth's lives following the next year at Bullworth.
  • Stories introducing a new character (occasionally based on the author) to Bully's universe.
    • Example: A 16 year old boy named John Doe begins his year at Bullworth, and so his story tells of his adventures at the school.
    • Note: This type of story can occasionally result in the new character being known as what is a "Mary Sue" (female) or "Marty Stu" (male), a character with no discernible flaws. For example: superior intelligence, heightened sex appeal, incredible fighting skills, etc.

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