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Boxing is a mini-game found in Bully.


Boxing matches can be initiated in Bully by accessing the Glass Jaw Boxing Club in Chapter 2 and onwards.

Jimmy's fighting moves consist of moving around, blocking, punching, and ducking.


Jimmy Hopkins boxing Parker Ogilvie.


Matches are between Jimmy Hopkins and either Chad, Justin, Parker, or Bryce. Each round is thirty seconds long, and at the end of each round Jimmy regains 30% of his health bar, while his opponent only regains a small amount of health.

Glass Jaw

The boxing gym.


After emptying his opponent's health bar and throwing a knockout punch, Jimmy will gain any money he has bet up to $20, and his punching damage will increase.

In Fanfiction

Boxing has become a common element found in fanfiction writing here on Bully Fanon Wiki. It is more commonly associated with a fighting style used by fanfictional characters, or as a challenge presented by Preppies to a fanfictional character.

Most of the Preps in Bully are known to box, or dialogue refers to them boxing.