Wandering campus

  • Cut sleep to 4.5 hours per night, increase study time to 35 hours per week, eat lunch while walking, that's 30 minutes per meal...
  • Yes, I was a student at Bullworth, before becoming the renowned brain surgeon that I am today.
  • I'll be a cardiovascular surgeon or a neurologist. I do not want to be a dermatologist, no way.
  • If I can't be a physician, I guess I could be a lawyer, but that would be totally embarrassing.
  • Li is Lithium, Na is Sodium, K is Potassium, Rb is Rubidium, Cs is Caesium, Fr is Francium, these are alkali metals...
  • He is Helium, Ne is Neon, Ar is Argon, Kr is Krypton, Xe is Xenon, Rn is Radon, these are noble gases.

When conversing

  • I hear that new kid Jimmy is not very smart. One less competition is good for me.
  • All the preps are so excited about the carnival coming to town. I should stay home and study so I can get ahead.
  • I heard the doctors at the asylum said Mr. Galloway will make a full recovery. Doctors are never wrong.
  • I heard Mandy has decided to give up on college altogether and focus on finding a husband. Smart strategy.
  • I thought Jimmy was not that smart, but he seems like he might be. Maybe he's one of those hidden geniuses.
  • Townies don't like high-pitched voices. The coyotes don't either.
  • My guess is most of the greaser's reading level is around third grade.
  • If you're smart, you know that nice clothes won't get you into a good college. The preps are ultimately losers.
  • Christy said that no girl from Bullworth has ever gone to med school- that... scares me!
  • Studying is more important than dating in life. I heard Miss Peabody never dated in High School.
  • I'm not going to make the mistake Miss McRae made. She wanted to be a doctor, but became a nurse, because she dated.
  • I think jocks are like different species. They have smaller brains and bigger muscles. We all serve a different purpose.
  • Townies seem to try to go out with quieter girls, because they're "easier".
  • I hate being young, I wish I could become a 40 year old cardiovascular surgeon when I wake up tomorrow.
  • I don't know why I cry when I think about med school. *cries* I know I'll get in!
  • My fear is that I'll end up working at a bookstore when I'm 30, because all I have is a Master's degree from some liberal arts college!
  • If I'm truly smart, I wouldn't be at Bullworth now.
  • Any society that encourages tolerance and compassion over straigth As, will have more people with diseases than doctors who can theat them.
  • I wish music and art classes weren't mandatory. Do you care if your doctor was tone-deaf or can't draw?
  • It's not fair that only the pretty girls recieve special treatment. Why don't they ever give out free ice cream to the girl who can recite the Periodic Table?
  • If the nerds ruled the world, we would have less people with AIDS.
  • I already know the medical schools to which I'll apply.
  • I'm not going to cry ever once i get into med school, because doctors don't cry.
  • I'm focused on studying to be a physician to help people, I heard they ever noticed people around me or their problems.
  • I like helping people who have less brains than I.
  • I've always been pleased I have some moldable waist. I can't wear glasses and be fat.
  • Have you ever put on a white coat and pretended to give a lecture as a neurologist in front of a mirror?

Replying during a conversation

  • What a achievement!
  • You must me proud!
  • Speaking of which...
  • Unrelated to that...
  • How is it possible?
  • I don't wanna hear it.
  • That's precisely what I heard.
  • I don't believe it.
  • Well, can I ask whose fault that is?
  • I'm sure things would be different if your grades were better.
  • I'm sorry, but I have to go study now.
  • It's so sad... That's why I'm going to med school.
  • That is admirable.
  • Oh, I wish I could do that.
  • That is so commendable.
  • Yes, of course.
  • Absolutely not.
  • No! And that is a stupid question.
  • Yes, without a doubt.

Bumping into a friend

  • Pardon me.
  • Excuse me.
  • Sorry!

Bumping into someone in bad terms

  • How incredibly rude!
  • You are clumsy.
  • Excuse you!
  • Hey! Ouch, oh. Ow.
  • You mean-spirited, violent person!
  • You are not a gentleman!
  • Ah! You, you…! Oh…

Bumping into Jimmy after he's expelled

  • Typical.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • I need a doctor! *whine*
  • That really, really hurt! *whine*
  • Why is this happening to me?!

Knocked off bike

  • (while whine) Ouch! Ohh...
  • Oh no, no. Ohh...

Calling for help

  • Come and to help me, please!
  • Come quick! I need help!

Greeting friends

  • Oh, hello!
  • Hi!
  • Greetings!
  • Hello! Nice to see you.
  • There you are! Hi!

Greeted by someone in bad terms

  • What?! Who are you?
  • Oh, uh... hi.
  • Yeah, sure. Hello.
  • Hi.
  • Hello, whoever you are.
  • Ok, whatever.
  • Yeah, right. Excuse me, I have to...
  • Sure, ok.

Greeting authority

  • Hello, ma'am.
  • Hello, sir.

Greeting when scared

  • Oh, I... hello.

Complimenting appearence

  • How are you? Nice outfit!
  • Did you changed your hair? You look... smarter!
  • I like your hat. It covers your head... nicely.
  • Your shoes complement your... feet.
  • Your trousers are kind of flattering.
  • That shirt looks nice on you.

Saying goodbye

  • It's time for me to play doctor with my dolls in a climate controlled room, so see ya.
  • My eyes are getting tired. I need to take my glasses off so I need to be alone. Excuse me. 
  • Uh it's been fun, but I have to go lower my heartbeat now.
  • Goodbye!
  • Farewell. 
  • See you in the future.
  • I'm sorry, but I have to go study now. 

Asking out on a date

  • I have time before I have to study, so... maybe we can hang out?
  • I'll spend some time with you. If you don't make me do your homework.
  • I'm just doing some research on... Ah, boy behavior. So I'll follow you around.


  • One day you are going to be beautiful. Medical technologies are advancing rapidly.
  • I want to be a doctor so I can help sick people get better and ugly people happier.

After seeing Jimmy kiss another girl when she likes him

  • Sometimes I just want to tear my hair out, scoop my brains up with an ice cream scoop and throw it at a passerby!
  • When I get upset, I just scratch myself 'til I bleed! *cries* I'm not an angry person!

Pinched in the bum

  • Why would you do that?!
  • That's. Not. Nice. *whine*

When bullied

  • Please don't hurt my feelings when I have a big test coming up!
  • I'm going to cry if you don't stop being mean to me!
  • Why do you *cries* treat me this way?!


  • You're a... a nice person, right?
  • Why do I get the feeling that I might be in... danger?


  • Did you leave your head in the toilet again?
  • If you want to scare me, learn how to multiply double digits.
  • Can you spell, 'dumb'?
  • People who are lost, raise your hand.
  • Look this way please, special people.
  • Shouldn't you be at home, sucking your thumb?
  • LOSER!

Taunting new kid

  • Everybody is going to hate you no matter what you do, so don't worry.

Insulting appearance

  • Even a nerd would not be caught dead with those shoes.
  • I'd like what you were wearing... if you weren't in it.
  • With pants like those, you're better off just wearing a skirt.
  • Are you trying to make up for the lack of masculinity and brains by getting a tattoo? Because it's really working.
  • Is that a cancerous growth or a headwear of some kind!?
  • I see you're dressed for failure, as usual.
  • Is it a medical condition or do you just have a weird hair?
  • Is that your "please, beat me" shirt?

Comebacks after being taunted

  • You're really pretty smart for a dumb guy.
  • Wouldn't it be great if you could spell the words you just used?
  • At least I'm not you.
  • I'm hurt that you think that of me.
  • Your opinion means nothing to me.
  • Have you looked yourself in the mirror lately, or is it too scary?

Not intimidated by taunt

  • Whatever you say.
  • What?! Right.
  • Sure... sure.
  • And I like your style, too.


  • I can be a healer or a torturer!
  • Don't think I don't resort to violence once in a while!


  • I would enjoy watching him experience pain. I think.

Hit by friendly fire

  • I'm your friend! Don't hit me!
  • You're attacking the wrong person!
  • Are you mistaking me for someone else?

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • No! No rats, please! *cries*

Starting to fight

  • I'm not going to stand by and watch!
  • Some situations are only resolved by force.

Seeing a friend/cliquemate being attacked

  • Hello! W-what's going on here?! Oh no!
  • What is this?! This is wrong!


  • You think I'm weak? Think again!
  • I can take care of myself, see?!
  • You think you scare me? Only a little bit!!
  • I know how to break bones easily!


  • I'm gonna make sure you'll have massive internal bleeding!
  • You think I can't beat you senseless because I wear glasses? Think again!

Out of breath

  • Must lower heart-rate. Must. Lower. Heart-rate.

Escaped from

  • Don't leave me here *whine*
  • What about me?!?!

Knocked out

  • I'm NOT a happy unit...*cries*
  • Pained wail* *sob*
  • I can't die...! I have to go to med school...
  • the world against me?

Watching a fight

  • I hope you do irreversible damage to your opponent's neurological functions!
  • Aim for the most vulnerable spots, like the underarm, the neck, or the achilles tendon!
  • Make it painful! I won't tell anyone!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • Magnificient.
  • I am impressed!

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • How is one supposed to be amused by this?
  • This is a waste of time.

Seeing a weapon being fired

  • This is how scientific achievements can be used recklessly towards the advancement of weapons.
  • What a crude, yet efficient weapon.

Hit with a stink bomb

  • Stink bomb must be one of the most underestimated weapons! Ugh...

Reporting to autorithy

  • When I witness a act of injustice taking place, I feel it is my duty to report it to the autorithies, without seeking rewards or acknowledgment.
  • I ask you to punish bad people who do bad things! Shall I tell you who they are?

After being locked

  • Why me?! *cries*
  • I don't like it when you do that! *cries*

While getting a swirlie

  • This is inhumane! Use a animal to do this!
  • My glasses! Can I take my glasses off, please?!

After getting a swirlie

  • I should get my head sanitized before I become ill.

Seeing a boy sneaking in the girl's dorm/bathroom

  • This is unusual... What may you be up to?
  • screams in terror*
  • Oh my... oh my... oh my... oh... oh...
  • I see a male human on the premises!

Asking for a gift

  • I would be nice if you showed your interested in me by presenting me with a gift or some kind.
  • I like receiving presents! I would make me feel less insecure.

After receiving a gift

  • I can't believe it! I haven't received a gift like this ever!
  • Thank you! That's very nice.


  • I've been thinking about human sexuality and would like to learn more, some day.
  • I think it takes practice to become a good kisser, just like one has to study hard to get good grades.
  • Perhaps you could show your interest in me, by presenting me with a gift of some kind.

After making out

  • Thank you for being my partner for this... uh... project.
  • I hope it gets easier.
  • That was exactly as I expected.

ALLY About to leave

  • I have to go now. Homework!
  • Well that was somewhat pleasant. Bye now.

ALLY Calling for help

  • Somebody please help! Quick, before there's bloodshed!

Seeing successful bike trick

  • Wow, that looks so scary.
  • You might dislocate a shoulder or fracture a knee cap, you know.

Seeing failed bike trick

  • Was that supposed to happen?
  • That was not smart.

Commenting carnival ride

  • That. Was. Exhilarating!
  • That was so dangerous. Yeah, huh?


  • Listen carefully, as this may confuse some of you with lowers IQs.
  • I may need your assistance here.

Commenting store clothing

  • I wish I could wear a white coat everyday, I'd wear nothing else! Oh, I can't wait!
  • Much obliged!

Others on Beatrice

  • Troy: I heard that Beatrice is really a slut, and she pounds all the nerd-boys.
  • Mandy: I've got to go make Beatrice miserable, see you.
  • Bryce [when insulting someone]: Beatrice's boyfriend is feeling cool today.


  • That was unfairly.

During missions

  • ...and discrete too. Such a gentleman. Ahhh...
  • Oh Jimmy! Thank you! You're wonderful!
  • Oh there you are... did you get it?
  • Did you like the part about you being like a Roman Emperor?
  • That's okay, Jimmy! You're my hero!
  • Here. I brought you a drink.
  • There's a boy in the dorm.
  • Oh it's you! Nice horns!
  • There's some perfume hidden in the girls locker room. Get it and spray on the football team's lockers.
  • A confident man is secure in his identity and doesn't feel threatened by a little perfume.
  • Be careful out there, my brief ball.
  • I'm never going to forgive you!
  • I. Hate you. Hate you. Hate you! HATE YOU!