Ashley's normal outfit

Ashley 001

A badly scanned picture of Ashley

This character has been abandoned.

The page is being retained for historical purposes.

"It's not wrong to be in love with the so-called 'enemy,' is it...?"' -- Ashley thinking about her relationship with Jay Southfield.

Ashley is a fanfictional character created by Coloured Flames. She doesn't star in any fanfictions yet, but might come into the Brooklyn in Bullworth fanfiction.

Character Description:
Ashley is a member of the Greasers clique and is roughly the same size as Vance, maybe taller. She has scruffy red/orange hair that falls over her right eye naturally (just pretend ok?) and greenish blue eyes. Her normal outfit is a leather jacket, a white shirt and blue skinny jeans with black low tops. In winter she wears the same, aside from adding a black scarf and blue gloves. She is obviously in love with the Townie, Jay, and doesn't care what other people think of that.

Ashley has a slightly snobbish attitude towards people she doesn't know. She is very stubborn and won't give up on anything just because someone tells her to. She is considered ugly by Matilda Greenfoot, but that's most likely out of jealousy. Ashley has quite a nice face with little markings or scars and deep-set eyes. Towards friends she is always eager to see them, and speaks well about them. She never backstabs anyone because she thinks it's desperate.